SHMLearn is a unique digital Sephardic history resource bank and turnkey educational approach for students in grades 6-12. Our educators have created a full curriculum, digital lesson plans, and educator workshops, based on our 7-part documentary film series. With ten years of research that covers the 3,000-year sweep of our Sephardic history from the ancient past to contemporary times, we have amassed a collection of more than 300 interview transcripts, 40,000 searchable images and photographs, and thousands of ancient artifacts.

SHMLearn seeks to fill the void and lack of representation of Sephardic history within our Jewish History curriculums. 

SHMLearn will teach students how Jewish culture and religion evolved before, during and after life under Arab rule, along with how their ancestors’ lives were intertwined with world events before migration to Syria, during their stay in Arab lands, as well as in America.

SHMLearn also wishes to help students realize the value of seeking information from their elders as a source of valuable lessons and historical information, and to utilize visual history through video interviews, photographs, artifacts, documents and more from the Museum’s rich collections. 

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