Rabbi Moshe Ashear

Hacham Ashear (born in 1877) was a student of Hacham Raphael Tabbush, and became a hazzan in Aleppo until 1913, when he moved to New York. In Brooklyn he became famous for his pizmonim.

“My father owned the building in Coney Island. During the Depression he lost it. But that night, the whole family was sitting. He said, “You know, today, I lost all my money but look at all that I have.”  That was a great speech. It showed that he accepted his loss and he’s happy with the gain that he had, all these beautiful children.”  
Eli Ashear

Ashear Family, c. 1915.

From left to right, standing: David, Joseph, Allegra (Ashear) Franco. Seated: Slaha Ashear, Moshe Ashear, Semcha (Allegra) Ashear, Shaul Ashear. In front: Amerique (Albert). Image ID #: 602A.

Rabbi Moshe Ashear, c. 1935. Image ID #: 614.

Ashear Family, 1921.

From left to right, back row: David, Simha, Rabbi Moshe (Moses), Allegra Ashear Franco. Front row: Seyah, Eli, Albert. Image ID #: 4967.